Take the full edge of your knife being razor sharp


About me

Sharpening a knife is not as easy as it may look like. Professionally sharpened blades are extremely sharp, which makes the process of cooking, hunting, meat preps and serving much easier, and at the same time-way safer.

It’s a well-known fact that the most dangerous and heavy injuries and cuts are from dull knives, as they require much more pressure and force to be applied to get the job done. With a knife that is sharp as a razor-it is a pleasure to work with.

With our premium knife sharpening service, you would literally be able to shave hair, slice an apple to the transparent pieces, cut a sheet of paper by just dropping it on the blade, and so on.

You will be blown away by how sharp your knife can be.

And once tried-you will never go back to the regular edge. To anything that is not like what you will get.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Period.

I have started sharpening knives 20 years ago, when I bought my first hunting knife.

Since then, it has become my hobby for life.

After coming a long way, I figured out that it requires very special skills and mastery to be able to make an edge that can shave: on any knife, any steel, any curve and any type of application.

This way, my little hobby has been growing with my skills and experience on how to do that CORRECTLY, and how to do it without damaging the blade, as some of them cost thousands of dollars per knife.

Now I have about 50 different knives in my collection (not mentioning the kitchen knives for everyday use) and I know EVERYTHING about these knives, and how to sharp them the right way.

Hand-forged knives, Damascus steel, high-carbon steel, Japanese traditional knives, regular stainless steel-I got them all. I know them all.

And there is no too cheap or too expensive knife for me-every single one deserves to be as sharp as a beast, and I treat each of them as my own one-each the favorite one in my gorgeous collection.

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one-time specialS

We offer flexible packages for everyone-and it does not matter if you need your old good fellow pocket knife to be sharpened, or have to get all knives in your household to be razor sharp.

And by ‘razor-sharp’ we literally mean that you will be able to shave with it after our premium, manual sharpening service!